About us

Since the launch of its career and as a result of its great experience in the automotive field, Shura automotive business has won the trust of all banks and financing companies, resulting in the conclusion of effective contracts and agreements through which it aimed to provide the best financing solutions and special offers throughout the year, and complete customer procedures easily and quickly, thus occupying a prestigious position among the best car sales and trading companies in the kingdom. So when you want to buy a car, we are your first financial advisor.

Why are we

Our prices are competitive

We offer modern models at competitive prices that meet many requirements, and suit various budgets and needs; to fulfill the wishes of customers, companies and car shows, in addition to the best financing solutions.


Credibility and clarity in the buying and selling process, professionalism and reliable service to meet the needs and requirements of customers, responsiveness and strong attention to achieve maximum benefit for the customer.

Diverse and modern models

Different models from the most famous brands meet all tastes, and are diverse for all requirements and uses.

Accredited by funding agencies