Work has been carried out on the development of environmentally friendly cars (hybrid cars), which helped to reduce the growing concern about the irrational use of fuel and its connection with the negative impact on the environment. Interest in hybrid cars quickly increased and they became very popular, since they are more fuel-efficient than their counterparts - ordinary cars-that run on gasoline or diesel, and they also do not need special equipment such as charging stations.
No, there are no specialized driving requirements as all operating processes such as switching between the electric motor and the gasoline engine are fully automated.
It is necessary for drivers to avoid sudden acceleration of the car, and not to drive abruptly just like it happens in ordinary cars. That is, you should drive wisely and stay away from slowing down or increasing the speed of the car suddenly, especially if it is not necessary.
External charging is not necessary in hybrid batteries, hybrid cars work to sense the charge level in the battery, and charge it automatically while the car is moving.
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